Thursday, April 23, 2020

If you haven't has a chance to get a copy of my "Carolyn's" book you can order on Amazon or let me know and I can tell you some local book stores that have them.
Sometimes we radomly have children stop us on our walks and ask us to pray for them.  We cherish those moments and know that God is on the MOVE.
Meet the Benedict family from left to right: Hailey, Ayla, Dawn, Isaiah, Josiah.  They spent a month with us during the beginning of the pandemic shut down.  They are making plans to come and help on a regular basis, spending about half the year in Haiti.  Not sure when that will start, please keep them in your prayers.
Sad to report Pastor Paul and his wife in the center of the four.  Pastor Paul's wife passed away in April this year.  Please pray for him and his family.
also the Haitian on the right is Pastor Choute, he and his community are starting a radio station to share the gospel, please pray that endeavor.
Pastor Isaiah Benedict, from our home church in Warsaw has been in Haiti to help us several times now.

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

April 1 ,2020

We know these are trying times around the world.  Many of you have reached out to us to see how we and Haiti are doing.
We thank you for many prayers and please continue to pray for all of us and the Haitian people.  We are doing ok.  We have plenty of food and water to last if our stay is a little longer.  The unknown is the hardest part.  We have Pastor Isaiah and his family here with us and the date they were to fly back did not happen.  We all believe God has a plan and as we watch that plan unfold He will get the glory!  The Haitian government is kind of following what the USA does.  They have cancelled schools but staying home is very difficult for them because of their poverty, they must work or sell goods to eat.  So we have quarantined here, only allowing a few people in and keeping distance.  We don't know of any one that has the virus up here in the NW but probably won't know even if they do. 
Please continue to pray that God will make a way for our mail service, MFI, to pick us all up in His timing and our travels to Missouri will go without incident.

Josh1:9 Be bold be strong, courageous, do not be afraid for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer many years ago and praise God I am cancer free .  This verse will continue to be my go to verse, wherever I am especially in Haiti and when traveling.
I encourage you to allow God's abiding presence to give you courage and know that Jesus' promise to be ever with you will keep you from fear and discouragement.

Attempt something for God
Believe He will be there with you
Continue looking/serving no matter what
Prov 3: 5& 6 
Prov 16: 3&9

Could use an old I phone that don't work in the states because they will still work in Haiti.
Thank you to those that have helped purchase the Study Bibles and bible dictionaries.
We need the money for the truck tires by fall.
The Faithful Four/Gold group are still planning to do the summer conferences which will cost around $3,000.  Even if can't this summer they will do as soon as they can after.

Continuing to trust and serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Terry and Carolyn
Psalm 133 Haiti Ministry
POBOX 1986
Warsaw MO  65335

March 2020


How is your 2020 vision?
When I (Carolyn) was younger, every time I would go to the eye doctor for an eye exam, he would tell me "your eyes are 2020 and if everyones eyes were like yours, I would be out of a job".  That all changed at around age 40, started with reading glasses then in a couple years bifocals.  If I don't have my glasses on most things look blurry.
Sometimes when following Christ we lose that clear 2020 vision somehow and lose focus as things become blurred. Maybe lost our first love or need to get back in the Word and spending some quality time with Jesus. 

God has had a clear vision all along.
  • Christ the final sacrifice and His resurrection made it complete and accepted by the Father.  It was finished so we can choose eternal life and not perish in our sin by accepting Jesus as our payment for sin, putting our faith and trust in Him to take up our cross and follow Him daily.
  • That all would know Him and then make Him known through the Holy Spirit living in us.
  • The believers/church in unity to be His hands and feet.

When we came to Haiti we did not know all God had planned, but the past couple of years we have begun to see more clearly.   2004-2013 was a busy and rewarding time as we witnessed God working in peoples lives for salvation, healing and others to grow and desire to become pastors.  We can look back now and see how He was preparing us for what would be next.  January 2014 we started with one group of pastors at our home in NW Haiti. We had no idea that God was going to use part of that group of men to ignite a spark in NW Haiti.  Evangelizing and discipling.  Then they answered the call to go to the prison 3 hours away to evangelize and disciple there. 
All of our eyes have been opened to a 2020 clear vision what God wants to do.
It continues to expand beyond the NW and we see the following:

Vision: Spread the gospel and unity groups all through Haiti and begin with a group in the Dominican Republic which would spread through the whole  island of Hispaniola.

What an exciting time! God continues to be on the move!  You should also be excited!  As you partner with us through prayer and giving, God is using you in this ministry also. God through you, makes this all possible.
Goals you can help accomplish:
  • This summer having conferences throughout the NW and beyond, plus the prison.
  • Truck by August, so the pastors can travel throughout Haiti as God directs and groups keep expanding.  God has put in their hearts the desire to do this.  Also with a truck they are less likely to be robbed etc. as they go into other areas of Haiti.
  • In April Pastor Rousier will be making his first visit to a group of pastors desiring unity and discipling in the Dominican Republic.  We look forward to his going and reporting when he returns.  Please pray for his travels.

We don't know the exact cost for all the goals, but if you will pray and give as the Lord speaks to your heart, we believe God will provide through His people.

When the Gold pastors visited the new group of pastors in Port au Paix, they became very excited as the pastors they visited had been praying for someone to guide them to unity and believed it was important. They also said they would help us with the prison ministry.  One of the pastors said he believed God is on the move in Haiti and the Dominican, which was a confirmation for all of us that God is putting it on the hearts of the pastors before our Faithful Four or Gold even get there!!

From our last update:
  • Still need 4 of the french bible dictionaries.
  • The radio station has been provided for.
  • The 5 school presenters came to us and shared they want to continue going into the schools even if they don't find any pay.  They want to tell these kids the Truth of the gospel and how to stay sexually pure.  As they shared from their hearts, it brought tears to my eyes seeing how God is working in each one of them and their desire to be obedient to Him.  We are praying, asking God to make a way in the future to help some of them with a small business loan.
  • Terry and Pastor Rousier will be visiting with some pastors in a new area of Haiti in March.
  • From our home church, Church of Living Water in Warsaw, Pastor Isaiah and his family will be visiting us.  We look forward to their visit this month.
  • Pastor Rousier was able to get all the papers he needs to go to the DR.

Testimonies from the 7 group leaders
  • God has given them the desire to evangelize and disciple
  • The unity groups are growing in numbers and spiritually
  • The lessons we provide are a blessing
  • They chose each Friday at 7:00pm for all to stop what they are doing and pray in groups if possible to pray for Haiti, each pastor, outpouring of the Holy Spirit, revival, pray against the evil in the government, voodoo to be totally taken out rebuking it in the name and blood of Jesus.  If you would like, please join us at that time.

As we equip
The Holy Spirit will empower
The love of the Father will be poured out.
More hearts in the prison will turn to Christ and those that have already will desire to tell others.

Also please pray for our travels these last two weeks of March.

Continuing to trust and serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
Terry and Carolyn Routon
Psalm 133 Haiti ministry
POBOX 1986
Warsaw MO  65355

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ

January  2020  

Luke 19:10 "For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost."  Will you do your part to build His church at home and around the world?  Pray for the lost, ask Him to break your heart for the lost and for an opportunity to share the gospel with them.
Matt 9:37-38 "Then He said to His disciples, The harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few, Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest."

Many of you have said, if we ever need anything let us know.  We are letting you know that over the last few months, giving has been down for the Psalm 133 ministry/ Haiti.
Please pray with us asking God what He wants to show us or do through this time or if He has a part for you to play in this.
God always has a plan.   The hard part is that He doesn't always show the plan until the last minute or waiting for someone to hear and/or be obedient.
We will continue serving with what we have while waiting on Him to provide or show us what we are to change.

Gal 6:9-10  And let us not grow weary while doing good for in due season we will reap if we do not lose heart.  Therefore, as we have opportunity let us do good to all especially to those who are of the house hold of faith."

If anyone else is accepting the call to come this spring or fall, let us know as soon as you know.  Pastor Isaiah and his family are making plans to come last half of March or first half of April.  We can work it out for you to come before or after they come which helps us make less trips to Port au Prince.

  • Our return trip to Haiti was a success with no problems.  
  • We arrived at our home on the mountain at Mare Rouge, Saturday, January 18th just in time to see a young lady accept Christ on Sunday at the church we attend.
  • After our arrival the area received 2-1/2 inches of much needed rain.
  • Churches reported growth via salvations since last years summer conferences.
  • Prison ministry is making a impact in that prison according to the jailers.
  • Pastor groups continue to expand and grow spiritually.
  • Even though we see much darkness, we can also see the Light of His Presence continuing to shine.
  • The ministry we do here equips and provides resources for the pastors to evangelize and disciple.
  • Internet is working today

Upcoming needs:
  • Rent for one year for space to start a church in Port au Prince with a vision of starting a unity group there. $1,000/ yr
  • Tires for the truck $1,000
  • 3 day Conference for the 6 zone leaders end of February. $500.
  • Summer Pastor conferences (6) for the 6 zones.  Theme "To know Him and make Him known".  This year we are sending the Faithful Four to teach the Conferences by zone. $2,500
  • Pictures of creation story, animals, Adam and Eve, sky, stars etc (if you have access to some at least 11x17 size email me and I will let you know how to get them to us)

Thank you for your continued prayers and giving,
Terry and Carolyn
Psalm 133 Haiti Ministry
POBOX 1986
Warsaw MO  65355